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My post will be in two batches one for the Orphanage and the other for Ago Ireti lepers Colony.Valerie Chapman’s Orphanage is located in Imafon, it is a private home that houses about 50 orphans, they pay their tuition, they feed and house them. They even have Teenagers in secondary school. We have babies that were dropped off there at 8hours, we have babies whose parents would say we are coming back tomorrow please we will be right back and they never went back.

These kids are the ones you supported with your neatly used children’s dresses. They are the ones you made smile They are the reason I have been calling your attention And now they are grateful. Special Appreciation to Pastor Kenny Popoola for taking care of these children. Although we didn’t get enough dresses to go around and we didn’t have something to give the boys Hahahahaha. We did our best with the little we received and we are grateful. Well the kids got Jollof rice that schooled in Harvard and they love it Its not too late to take the time out and make these kids smile!!!Now you see them I know you have something Tangible to give Just do it.

Call Fola on 08032728893

N.BSpecial Appreciation to TIPUACH OLANIYI DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT CENTRE, AKURE. They supported us with liquid soap and it came really handy. We look forward to further collaborations.

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