Project MASK UP!

Trust you are all Staying safe out there. These are perilous times and may the good Lord keep and guide us all.

For such a time as this we are mostly concerned for our loved ones and those dear to us. Its okay, it is the human thing to do.

However in keeping them absolutely and compeletly safe, especially at this crucial period, we have to ensure that those in their vicinity are also catered for.

Corona Virus has defiled all obstacles so far, its no respecter of class, age or level
Covid 19 only stays away when you take precautions.

Let’s ensure it doesnt come anywhere near us by being our brother’s keepers.

Donate a mask today!!! Its 100 NAIRA to make one!!!
We have 100 to give out already but its not enough!!!
Holla at ya girl if you have masks to give out or you are touched to make for others.

They are my constituents and I can’t just keep quiet!!! We need more!!!
We need more nose mask for physically challenged persons
More for the blind
More for the deaf
More for the Beggers who are at the bottom of the ladder

Donate a mask today!!!
Be a part of something other THAN yourself!!!
Be a part of the solution
Dont just sit there, do something!!! Anything!!! Stay Safe by helping others stay safe.

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