On Disability Law…

Ever since the disability bill was signed into Law, quite a number of things have been running through my mind that I will love to draw your attention to.

  1. The fact that there is a possitive attitude change in Nigerians, I know this because some of the people who fought for this bill don’t even have physically challenged or disabled person in their lives, and they are not challenged at all.

They are simply humans; they are Nigerians. They fought for the passage of the bill with us because they realize the fact that persons living with disabilities have to try twice as hard as them to get anything done yet they burry their pains and discomfort deep within.

They wear the most charming smiles available because they have to be perceived as Abled, strong and in control so you ( the able bodied) can see beyond their disabilities. They can’t afford to be weak just so you can wipe that pitiable eeeeyah look from your faces.

While challenged persons all over Nigeria appreciate your love and support, we are saying don’t stop supporting until the law is fully implemented. This shouldn’t be one of those laws that die a natural death.

Inclusion is key. There are over 10million persons living with disabilities in Nigeria alone and perhaps 70 percent pay taxes, it’s only fair that you consider us in constructing

  • Drainages…. Cover them, we can’t jump
    *Stairs… Include people on wheel chair
    *Jobs… the law states that 5 percent of your staff must be qualified disabled persons. Plain and simple

Hen hen to the part I find interesting, if you insult a disabled person with their disability or you take advantage of their disability you pay 100,000 naira in fine to the government and a certain amount for emotional damages depending on how deeply pained the disabled person is. Hahhahahhahahahaha

My last trip abroad, you find people asking you if you need help,, they open the door for you without being asked, they hold the elevator, offer to hold you on escalators.occassionally chat you up, it doesn’t matter how long the que is, a disabled person gets on the bus first. If you are walking they stop to ask if you need a ride and that is just in South Africa.

It’s called “trying a little kindness”. These little acts of kindness will speak for you on the last day. You will wonder why some people appear to be more favored than others. It’s simply because of these little acts of kindness.

We also have the good types of disabilities, the type that we all pray for e.g

*Pregnancy and
*Old Age,

Be kind to pregnant women, they are going through heaven on earth, it may seem easy but it’s not easy at all. ( And some insecured men still beat their pregnant wives. The thunder that will fire you hen).

2.Be more kind to the elderly, especially those who appear to have lost their minds. They once severed you without complaint as a baby, it’s your turn to serve them. Donnot snap nor insult them.

Be kind, we don’t need a law to get us to do the right thing. Be considerate, Be good and selfless.

It’s simple really, ” Love your neighbor as yourself”.

We are still accepting donations for our project Kit 300 blind kids in 15 days. Response has been really slow, it’s 1900 to help a blind child. Have you helped anyone lately? Please do something. Nothing is too small. Please call Fola on 08038269838.

My name is Folajogun Akinlami, and I Am Beyond Challenges!!!





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