Then I saw someone with no legs…

When I got to OSRC in 2006, I was introduced to the then director of programs of blessed memory. Late Alh Abass Akinwande. He had a lot of ” Food for thoughts and quotations on his wall” But one particular one line caught my attention and it reads

” I was complaining I had no shoes then I met someone with no legs”. Hmmmmmmmm I thought about it’s implications that day and quickly gave thanks to God but every time I go to that office till date my eyes would stray to those lines automatically.

I know we all think we are going through hell right now but I can assure you. Your hell is like heaven compared to what others are going through. I will give you a few scernerios.

Have you ever stopped to imagine the plight of a full grown adult who suddenly loses his eyes? Like all of a sudden at the age 30 darkness is all he could see? Do you know and realize that the fate of a child born blind is better than his? He will be telling tales of when he could see for the rest of his life.

What about those who lost their ability to walk, are you aware they will thank God they can still see?

While my program ” Beyond Challenges” focuses on the strength of people who have survived and are on top of their games despite their challenges. It also gives maximum attention to those who are living within and below challenges, especially children with disabilities.

They need to be well equipped for their future, they need to be encouraged to make a difference and stand tall despite their challenges. They need you and I.

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