The Big Deal…

Couple of days ago I was making my way out of the office when a man told a colleague to help get my number. My colleague rushed to me and said ” Fola that egbon really needs to talk to you about something important can I give him your number”. I said yes please do,

Eventually I gathered egbon was a journalist and wanted an interview with me. So I decided to call him, when I did this conversation took place between 1 and 2pm lol in 24 hours movie voice

Fola: Hello sir, my colleague said you wanted to speak with me, am Folajogun Akinlami.

Mr. Dada: Hello my sister compliments of the season, I love your TV program “Beyond Challenges”, a lot, I will love to interview you for a column in Punch Newspaper called ” Breaking Barriers” and I will like to feature you cos you inspire me. E.T.C

The truth of the matter is this, this taught me a lot of lessons I want to share with you

Lesson 1: Whatsoever thy hands findeth doing, Biko please do it well. There is no telling who is watching where and when.

Lesson 2: There is no telling whose life you are impacting

Lesson 3: The things that will take you to the next level aren’t necessarily about money, money isn’t everything. They are mostly about those you have helped who can’t return the favor.

Lesson 4: The whole world is watching, you are never invincible. All eyes are on you and I mean all eyes. Don’t think for once they didn’t notice you. They are infact watching keenly .

Team “Beyond Challenges” you are the best!!! I love you for your selfless service. Am just a girl with a passion for the needy, a voice for the voiceless but you stood by me, behind me, around me and I love you.

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