My client eyes finally gave up on him on his entry to write his final paper

I met a client yesterday and when we talked about his current state, he got really emotional and asked me to close my eyes or put on a blind fold for just 30mins and then try to get my normal chores done.

He then went on to say, that discomfort, that helplessness, that darkness is my new normal. My client had glucoma and was about to write his final exams in the polytechnic when his eyes finally gave up on him. He just simply stopped seeing, everything went black from that moment on.

My client is an adult, now imagine children life has forced into this scary condition. Children are usually afraid of the dark but these kids only know darkness. Their only way out is through proper education. Their parents go visiting them in tears and they have practically given up on their future. Some even say “those who can see are yet to make it not to mention those who can’t “.

With as little as 1900 naira you can help secure the future of a blind child, make them feel loved, restore their hope and make them realize that the society believe in them and as such they can’t afford to give up on themselves.

Our Back to School Project : Kit 300 Blind Kids in 15 days is now fully activated. We humbly await for support dear sir/ma.

To contribute please call 08038269838 or 07053858582. And if you want to remain annoynimous please send your donations to

Access Bank PLC 
Account number : 0033742115
Account name : Akinlami Folajogun

Yes we can, we have done this before and we can do it again. Please school resumes in a few days

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