Disability Pride Festival 2019

journey to end poverty for good begins with a child.

Growing up in poverty is hard enough for the normal children but growing but in poverty takes a harder toll on the disabled child. They are often abandoned and dumped as it is the case with most of our children.

We at Diiferently Abled Foundation are committed to aiding disabled children through school irrespective of their class of disability. And we also take the time to educate parents of disabled children through out TV program titled “Beyond Challenges”. Beyond Challenges is a platform where we celebrate persons living with disabilities who have made it in their chose career paths with the aim of encouraging parents of children living with disabilities who still hide their disabled folks to properly educate them. And we reach over 36 million people per broadcast both Online and on TV. Beyond Challenges airs every Weds 5-5.30pm with a repeat broadcast every Friday 11.30am- 12pm.

In the disability world education is our get out of poverty free card. Help us train a child today. Life has given them Lemons help us help them make their Lemons into Lemonades










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